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Situated in South East Asia, we thrive to build new games people will love. With our first game successfully launched, we’re always excited to develop great ideas that can be monetized across Southeast Asia, the world’s fastest growing gaming region. Our team is comprised of talented individuals in both gaming and marketing and together, we leverage over 30+ years experience. At Sandbox, we love what we do and we have fun doing it!

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August 13, 20123 years ago

6 Games Made By Thai Game Studios You Need To Try

The Thai video game industry is on the rise! This has mostly come through the rise of different app stores and a growing interest from foreign investors in Thai game development talent, and more and more Thai game studios are being empowered to produce quality content for a global audience. Read more

June 1, 20123 years ago

Stylista is ranked 4th in the world for emerging social games according to Inside Social Games!

Arabic-language action game حرب العصابات (“Guerilla”) took the top spot on this week’s list of emerging Facebook games, up by 40,000 monthly active users for a gain of 80 percent. Guerilla launched in March 2009 and peaked in November 2010 with 352,000 MAU, but the traffic declined afterwards. The game’s MAU numbers bottomed out with 60,000 MAU in October 2011 and then saw a small traffic surge between January and April. Now, it looks like the game is seeing another traffic spike thanks to being published by 6waves. Read more

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