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The people at Sandbox Global are fun, talented, and international, and we are always looking to add more amazing people to our team. Join us! Read more

Situated in South East Asia, we thrive to build new games people will love. With our first game successfully launched, we’re always excited to develop great ideas that can be monetized across Southeast Asia, the world’s fastest growing gaming region. Our team is comprised of talented individuals in both gaming and marketing and together, we leverage over 30+ years experience. At Sandbox, we love what we do and we have fun doing it!

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June 9, 201510 months ago

Honey snatch new version

We have work hard to improve Honey Snatch and we are proud to introduce the Bad Bees!

Help Queen Polly rid her Honey Kingdom of the Bad Bee invasion.


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Honey Snatch is launched

Sandbox is pleased to announce the launch of its first mobile game:  Honey Snatch.
Honey Snatch is a completely new type of swipe and match adventure!

Have you ever try to solve a floating puzzle?

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